Making Money With Clickbank? It’s Probably Not likely.

Can You Really Make Money With Clickbank?

The Clickbank website used to have a rolling counter.  This was the amount of money that they had paid out to their army of affiliates.  That counter is no longer on their front page.  I wonder if it is because the sales are slowing down?

It's a long road to a Clickbank payday.
You may not see the end at the start but staying on the road keeps you on track.

But the b2#$%^s changed their payout policy.  Now you won't get a pay out if you don't have a continuous sales volume, have more than $100 in your account and have been paid by 5 or more different credit cards.  This means small affiliates, who are the bulk of their customers (80% of them) can generate some sales but never get a penny out.

I fell into this trap.  I had been getting small cheques from them semi-regularly but my profitable sites started to slow down, I got involved in things other than Internet marketing for a while and all of a sudden the $75 in my Clickbank account was eaten up in fees.

As in most countries I consider this theft.  Fortunately for Clickbank the amounts of money are quite small per customer.  They are unlikely to ever be charged with theft.  I don't even live in the USA so mounting a legal challenge was basically impossible for $75.

A great business model for them, a crappy one for us.

What Do We Do Now?

This site originally was set up to promote Clickbank and their affiliate method but that has changed.  I cannot assist them in their thieving ways.  You, no matter how smart you are, will probably not make it into the elite affiliate group in Clickbank.  Your chances of getting paid are slim. Without help.

What I will teach you here is how to set up a real Internet business which does get you paid for your efforts and that you will become a tangible asset which you can sell, leave for your family or whatever other use you might have for an ongoing cash flow business.

I'll show you how to automate it so even if you choose to take time off for other things the sales don't stop and the income continues to flow. I'll even show you how to get started today and have money in your account as soon as tomorrow, if you can follow instructions and do what need to be done. Don't worry, it's much easier than you might imagine.

Bookmark this site, you just might learn something useful.